Modular Synthesis

In my free time, I compose and perform music. This is mostly focused around Eurorack Modular Synthesizers, but I include software, and other hardware in my setup from time to time. I'll try my best to describe my set up and process for each of the performances I share.

I. Phobos

Patch Information:

  • Water sample granulation: Nebulae
  • Melody: MI Braids sequenced by the Deadman's Catch Firmware Turing Machine for MI Peaks Ch.1 through MMG through RT60 delay.
  • Bass: Arturia Microbrute
  • Kick: MI Peaks ch.2
  • Snare: Nano-rand noise out through Galilean Moons
  • HH/~Noise: Jupiter Storm through Galilean Moons triggered  by Nano-rand random gate out.
  • Recorded to 4 Tracks in Ableton Live; external reverb(Max For Live, Convolution Reverb Pro) was used.
  • Nano-rand random output is going all over the patch and being processed in different ways.
  • Pressure Points are controlling exponential control of melody envelope, and the QCD-cv for the kick and Melody rhythm. Channel 3 gates the snare.

II. Luna

Patch Information:

  • Bass voice - 2hp Osc through 2hp Filt
  • All other voices - Qu-bit Chord
  • Other audio effects - All voices through Make Noise MMG and Qu-bit RT-60
  • All sequenced from Qu-bit Octone
  • Amplitude Envelopes - Mutable Instruments Peaks, Make Noise Maths, and Hex Inverter Galilean Moons.
  • Clocks - 2hp LFO (master clock), 4ms QCD, Qu-bit Nano Rand
  • Other modulation - 2hp Rnd, 2hp LFO, Nano Rand, Pressure Points, Peaks