Rhythmic Chords

This is a clock-based, chord generating piece of software written in PureData to run on the Qu-Bit Electronix, Nebulæ.

Chords and harmony have always been a challenge when dealing with modular synthesis. There aren't many ways of handling polyphony, or creating harmonic progressions without having an individual sequencer and oscillator for each voice. My solution to this problem was to create an instrument that had voltage control over harmonic motion. Because of the functionality of the hardware I was also able to add a rhythmic component to this system by using one of the inputs as a clock input. In the end, the user has voltage control over:

  • Root Note
  • Chord Quality
  • Waveform (Morphs through Sub-Sin, Triangle, Square, Saw)
  • Rhythmic Multiplication/Division
  • Amplitude Envelope Shape
  • Presence of the Seventh of the chord


Download the firmware here, and check out the rest of the Qu-Bit Page!

audio examples: